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Hi, I’m Siddharth (Sid) Prakash Rao, a doctoral candidate with focus on security and privacy of protocols, and a public interest technologist.

Why the name “Privacy Pies”?

Let me make it clear. I’m horrible when it comes to picking up cool and geeky handles (screen names) for my online activities. Let it to be Twitter or Github, I have consistently been picking up awkwardly immature names, such as sidnext2none and sidtechnical respectively.

Privacy pie(s) is just yet another addition to my ever growing list of awkward handles. But, it has a small background story.

I care a lot about online privacy and I rant about it with each and everyone I meet. Once, bugged with my obsession for privacy, a friend asked me whether my girlfriend calls me privacy pie instead of sweetie pie or cutie pie!

That’s it! I thought of using privacy pie as my next (un)cool handle. In addition to that, while buying the domain name for the blog, I expanded my awkard naming skill to a completely different level!

Since this blog is about privacy (protection or violation), the privacy pie is going to give out recipes to make pies (in the sense of apple pie), so why not name it as “Privacy Pies” - the recipes to protect your privacy!

Privacy Pie

This cool custom "printed" t-shirt (gifted by my activist friends) with a funny recipe of Privacy Pie.

Contact me

If you are interested in my work, wish to collaborate with me or for whatever other reason, please do not hesitate to contact me. Send me an email, preferably encrypted.


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